Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Poulsbo support on MeeGo, almost there

This is a continuation of my last post about Poulsbo support on MeeGo. A lot of people have asked me to continue this work, but I just had time today. In this post I will talk about the Xorg drivers. After some research/reading these sites:

And after some work, I created/built the necessary packages to get the Poulsbo Xorg driver working on MeeGo. The performance differences are notable.

I got my netbook running MeeGo with the Xorg driver, but without 3D acceleration yet, meaning, it still slow. The Intel closed 3D driver is already packed and installed but for an unknown reason when I enable it the Xorg just crash. Further investigation is needed.

I had to place “suid” bit on Xorg to make the driver work correctly. All the necessary packages to make it work can be found on my megoo repo, and also there is an image available if you want to check it out.

You can download the image via torrent or directly from my site: iso image. The ks file goes here.

And here is a nice picture of my netbook running the MeeGo official UI:

[Update 2016-12-26] Mandriva's svn repositories are no longer available. For further information check (external link): http://www.whoishostingthis.com/resources/mandriva/

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