Thursday, January 7, 2010

Poulsbo @MeeGo

While I was trying to leave my MeeGo usable and secure, the need to put my video driver to work properly appeared because I was getting annoyed with the fact that I haven’t the “official” MeeGo Ui running yet.

The chipset is a Poulsbo. It is in the list of not supported hardwares on MeeGo (, but, somehow Mandriva and others distros make use of it, so I decide to take a look by my self.

The posts from Adam Williamson ( were very useful and based on that I decided to take a look at Mandriva’s svn (, just to try to port something that already exists to MeeGo platform.

Another good resource is:

With all that information I started to port the packages to MeeGo, creating the rpm specs in order to generate the packages. I did not have time to finish all packages yet, the Xorg driver is still missing. The kernel driver and others required packages are available on my MeeGo repo. It means good framebuffer screen and cool Xfce session, but not MeeGo UI yet.

A new Kernel is required to be installed since happened a conflict or something like that with another module which was compiled built-in in the official Kernel. As I said, the Xorg driver is still missing. I will work on that as soon as I find some time to do it.

The packages are available on my MeeGo repo, at:

The packages are:
  • psb-firmware
  • psb-kernel-modules
  • kernel-netbook-psb
  • psb-kernel-source
  • kernel-netbook-psb-devel

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