Monday, January 18, 2010

4×4 inclinometer

For those who are interested in knowing how steep is your N900, or the object that supports it. Meet the 4×4 inclinometer.

I developed it to use in my car, hence the name 4×4 inclinometer. Using this application I can know the slope of the obstacles or the ground below my car.

According to the manual of the car, it can be in an angle of heel of 45 degrees with no problem, something higher than this is at my own risk. When I read this information, just imagined the software for the N900)

The current version depends on Qt 4.6 with the animation framework. The animation is used to rotate the images of the car, smoothing the movement. I am not an expert in gimp, so forgive me for the images poorly done. Next version I will put a simple support for themes.

The intallation files are already in extras-devel, so you just need to apt-get it. And the sources are available at:

The car image and the application background are Trademark of Troller Veiculos Especias S/A,

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